Quantum Audio Designs interconnects are designed to provide the highest fidelity, most reliable cable interfaces, at truly affordable price points, available within our market today. Our overall design strategy has been to develop cable products that actually provide better fidelity and tonal qualities than the multitude of competitive cable products that offer only mediocre performance at best. We pride ourselves on producing products that we, as musicians, as well as any other discerning musician, would want to use to improve their overall sound quality. Our company’s decision to follow this design philosophy has seemed to be the correct path, since, to date, we have yet to meet a musician that told us that they were not interested in products that would improve their overall tonal quality, audio clarity, or prove to be a more reliable product.

To accomplish our goal of producing better sounding products, it has required that higher quality component parts and connectors, higher performance conductor and insulating materials, and often, a greater quantity of those materials, be incorporated into our products. Although this is not the least expensive way to produce audio cable products, it is the only way to assure the performance and reliability levels we demand will be met.

All too often, we hear from both dealers, and end-users alike, that until they had experienced the improvement in sonic quality of our audio cable products, as compared to that of other brands that they have used, they had assumed there was no difference in the performance levels of various cable products. Many of these people had erroneously been told there was really no difference in sound quality between cables and that the best approach to cables was to buy those with the cheapest price. Conversely we have found that, once exposed to audio cable products offering better audio clarity and tonal response, end-users realize the sonic improvements that can be achieved and are more than willing to pay a nominally higher price for this increased performance. These end-users often become the most loyal customers to the dealers that “turned them on” to the fact that there is better performance to be had and that the overall “value” of such products greatly outweigh a slightly higher purchase price.

Since our company’s inception, we have felt that the most effective way to promote the long term health of our company is to provide our dealer base with a product line which promotes the development of long term customers for their businesses. We’ve always felt that the best way to accomplish this is to provide our dealers with exceptional products at truly value oriented price points, that their customer base will purchase, appreciate, and, eventually, demand on a repetitive basis. Although many cable manufacturers consider our “quasiaudiophile” approach to cable design a bit extreme, we have chosen this approach as to guarantee every user of Quantum products our whole-hearted commitment to quality, performance, and more so, the quality of their performance. At Quantum, we feel it is better to design and build exceptional quality and performance into every product, rather than have to apologize for lack of either in any of our products.


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